Yasumoto International Exchange Scholarship Scheme

25 December 2009

This is the favourite maxim of e Causeway Corner Chairman, favourite maxim of Dr. Alex K. Yasumoto’s father. Dr. Yasumoto. Dr. Yasumoto holds it dear andis committed to keepings ththis father’s treasuredeand keeps the philosophy alive. In 2006, Dr. Yasumoto made a contribution of $2,000 million yen for the establishment of the Kamenori Foundation to promote student exchange between Japan and the Asia Pacific Region.

Dr. Yasumoto believes that one should not only make money for oneself, but also for society. He implements his belief and made a donation of HK$100 million to Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2005, in support of the University’s international academic exchange activities as well as academic and research development. .

Dr. Yasumoto To shares the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s aspirations of CUHK toand drive to cultivate the global perspectives of its students, and promotes exchange and collaboration among the young people of the world.

The Yasumoto International Exchange Scholarship Scheme is the largest exchange scholarship scheme ever established in at the Chinese University of Hong KongCUHK, constituting supporting close to half of all scholars going embarking on an overseas exchange in 2007. In 2006-2007, 229 top students from Chinese University of Hong KongCUHK, known as “Yasumoto sScholars”, were sponsored by the scheme to study for a term or a year at one of the prestigious universities in 25 countries and regions around the world.

Fore more information regarding the Yasumoto International Exchange Scholarship Scheme, please click tovisit:For more details, please click to www.cuhk.edu.hk/oal/yasumoto/academicPark.html

Sponsorship of the ‘Special School and Rehabilitation Organization’ Section “Give to the community much of what the community has given to you.”

Causeway Corner and Worldwide Executive Centre are proud to sponsor the ‘Special School and Rehabilitation Organization’ in participation of the Hong Kong Synergy 24 Drum Competition which will be held on 17 October 2009.


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